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Welcome to Sāthē, the home of extraordinary furniture and lighting for the modern home and workplace.


Sāthē is a British company producing high concept, design-led furniture, lighting and interior products for inspirational commercial environments and arresting residential interiors.

We create products that bring people together. They enrich spaces that welcome, where cultures mix, ideas flourish and communities thrive. Our approach is fastidious, through a deep understanding of materiality and processes, the psychology of our audiences, and how to affect positive change.

Our products bridge the gap between fashion, art, architecture and technology in a way that is cool and unique, yet practical and accessible. With a strong emphasis on craft and progression, we have curated a collection of products that is considered, engineered, avant-garde and built to last.

To put simply, they are pieces we would love to be surrounded by ourselves... items that are beautiful, interesting, crafted, warming, thought-provoking, inspiring, detailed, precise, welcoming, sustainable, enduring and joyous.

Do better, be better, design better… these are what we strive for. Lofty aspirations for sure, but we know no other way.

More Than A Name

Sāthē (pronounced Saa-THay) is an Indian word for 'together'. Drawn from the British-Indian heritage of our founder, Hemal Patel, the word perfectly encapsulates his vision for the company - to create pieces that bring together people, places, cultures, ideas, processes, materials…

Exacting Detail

Our work champions quality, materiality and longevity. We take a hands-on approach, working closely with craftspeople and suppliers all over the UK and the EU to inform our work and effectuate the best possible solutions. Quality comes first, period. We never compromise and we never take short cuts. We are proud of what we do and it shows in our work.  

Contract and Residential

Our products are well suited to both commercial and residential environments. Our ranges meld the personality and character of high-end residential furniture with the dynamic and functional demands of the workplace. They are robust and enduring, and built to withstand tough commercial environments. Most pieces meet and even exceed safety standards for stability, strength and durability. View individual product pages for more information.


We pride ourselves on offering a flexible service and it's easy for us to modify certain products by altering colours, fabrics, and finishes. In fact, many of our pieces are available in any colour, so they can fit straight into your next big interior specification.