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Weave Bookcase
The Weave bookcase in Maple. The vertical supports and horizontal shelves seemingly interlace, producing the weave hallmark.
Closeup of the Weave bookcase in whitened Oak. The shelves and supports appear to interknit, much like many woven structures.
Weave Bookcase From £5,800.00 GBP
Doppler Bookcase
The Doppler Bookcase in Oak. The upright supports are designed at varying distances apart, to reference the Doppler effect.
Close up of the Doppler bookcase in Walnut, showing the varying distances between each upright.
Doppler Bookcase From £11,000.00 GBP
P.O.V. Bookcase
The Point of View (P.O.V.) bookcase with beige laminate (on the right sides of the upright supports).
The green and pink P.O.V. bookcase appears green from the left side because of the green laminate applied to the left of each upright.
P.O.V. Bookcase £8,000.00 GBP
X-Factor Bookcase
The X-Factor bookcase in solid Oak. Its design is inspired by fissures create by the movement of tectonic plates.
The X-Factor bookcase in Oak. Its shelves are purposefully offset to create an ‘X’ shape from the resulting negative spaces.
X-Factor Bookcase From £6,500.00 GBP