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Guide to Buying a Dining Table

The dining table serves as the heart of your dining room, providing a space for family gatherings, intimate dinners and everyday meals. Choosing the right dining table is crucial to creating a functional and inviting dining space that suits your lifestyle and preferences. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision when buying a dining table from Sāthē or another vendor:

Consider the Size and Shape

The size of your dining table should be proportionate to the space available in your dining room and the number of people you typically dine with. Measure the dining area to ensure the table fits comfortably, allowing adequate space for chairs and a walkway around the table.

Shapes to Consider:

  • Rectangular Tables: A classic choice, rectangular tables offer versatility and can accommodate a large number of guests.
  • Oval Tables: A space-saving option, oval tables provide a more elegant feel and work well in smaller dining rooms.
  • Round Tables: Round tables create a sense of intimacy and are ideal for small dining spaces or families with young children.
  • Square Tables: Highly space-efficient, square tables are suitable for small dining rooms or couples/small families.

Determine the Desired Style

The style of your dining table should complement the overall décor of your dining room. Consider your preferred aesthetic, whether it's traditional, modern, rustic or contemporary.

Styles to Consider:

  • Traditional Tables: Featuring classic designs and warm wood tones, traditional tables exude timeless elegance.
  • Modern Tables: Characterised by minimalist lines and sleek designs, modern tables offer a contemporary aesthetic.
  • Rustic Tables: Embracing raw materials and distressed finishes, rustic tables create a cozy and farmhouse-inspired ambiance.
  • Contemporary Tables: Showcasing unique shapes and innovative materials, contemporary tables reflect the latest trends in furniture design.

Assess Your Lifestyle Requirements

Consider your lifestyle and how you use your dining table. If you frequently host large gatherings, consider a table with extendable leaves to accommodate extra guests. If you have young children, prioritise durability and easy-to-clean surfaces.

Lifestyle Factors:

  • Hosting Needs: If you frequently entertain, choose a table with extendable leaves or a larger size to accommodate more guests.
  • Children Considerations: Opt for durable materials like solid wood or laminate that can withstand spills and regular use.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Prioritise materials like glass or laminate that can be easily wiped clean.

Select the Material

The material of your dining table will influence its durability, appearance and cost. Consider your preferences for aesthetics, maintenance and budget.

Common Dining Table Materials:

  • Solid Wood: Offering a classic look and timeless beauty, solid wood tables are durable and can last for generations.
  • Metal Tables: Providing a modern and sleek aesthetic, metal tables are highly durable and can withstand heavy use.
  • Glass Tables: Creating a sense of spaciousness and elegance, glass tables showcase a contemporary style.
  • Laminate Tables: Offering affordability and a variety of colours and styles, laminate tables are easy to clean and maintain.

Evaluate Quality and Construction

Invest in a dining table that is well-made and constructed with quality materials. Check for sturdy joints, smooth finishes and balanced weight distribution.

Quality Indicators:

  • Solid Construction: Ensure the table is made from sturdy materials and has solid joints to prevent wobbling or breakage.
  • Smooth Finish: Check for a smooth, even finish free from imperfections or blemishes.
  • Balanced Weight: Verify that the table has balanced weight distribution to prevent tipping or unevenness.

Consider Pricing and Budget

Dining tables range in price from affordable options to high-end designer pieces. Set a realistic budget and prioritise features that are most important to you.

Pricing Considerations:

  • Material Cost: Solid wood and metal tables tend to be more expensive than laminate or glass tables.
  • Size and Style: Larger tables and more elaborate styles typically carry a higher price tag.
  • Brand Reputation: Tables from reputable brands may command a premium due to their craftsmanship and quality.

Seek Expert Advice

Consult with furniture experts or experienced sales personnel to gain insights into different table options, materials and construction details. Their expertise can help you make an informed decision based on your needs and preferences.

Expert Guidance:

  • Furniture Experts: Consult with furniture experts to understand the pros and cons of different table materials, styles and features.
  • Sales Personnel: Experienced sales personnel can provide guidance on specific table models and address any questions you may have.

Don't Rush the Decision

Take your time to research, compare options and visualise the table in your dining space. Avoid impulse purchases and prioritise a table that aligns with your style, needs and budget.

Visit Showrooms and Experience Tables in Person

Where possible, visit furniture showrooms or stores to physically experience different dining tables. Assess the table's size, shape, feel and overall aesthetic in person.

Showroom Experience:

  • Visualise in Your Space: Envision the table in your dining room to ensure it fits proportionally and complements the décor.
  • Test the Feel: Sit at the table to gauge its height, comfort level and overall dining experience.
  • Seek Expert Guidance: Furniture experts at showrooms can provide personalised recommendations based on your needs and preferences.


Choosing the right dining table is an investment that will enhance your dining experience and create a welcoming space for family gatherings and everyday meals. By considering your needs, preferences, restrictions and lifestyle, you can make an informed decision that will bring you years of enjoyment.