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Care Guide - Metal Furniture

Placement of Furniture

  • Avoid placing in direct sunlight or next to strong heat sources.

Cleaning Basics

  • All Sāthē's metal furniture are powder coated to protect the metal from rust and provide an aesthetic appearance. Powder coatings can be damaged by chemical agents so only use mild, soapy water to clean surfaces. Take a clean, soft cloth or sponge, lightly dampen in the soapy water and then gently rub the affected area. Thoroughly dry afterwards with a soft cloth.
  • Do not use abrasive materials as this will scratch the surface.
  • All spills should be cleaned immediately to avoid issues of discolouration or rusting.
  • For stubborn stains use specialist cleaner formulated for powder coated surfaces.


  • If the powder coating has a small chip or damage, you can touch up the affected spot  as long as no rust has started to show. To do so, remove any remaining flakes of paint, wipe the surface with a dry, clean cloth, and then apply a specialist powder coat touch up paint. Ensure you use the same RAL colour to ensure the colour matches the existing paint. If you are unsure of the RAL number of your furniture piece, please contact us.