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Care Guide - Leather Upholstery

Placement of Furniture

  • Avoid placing any of our furniture in direct sunlight or next to strong heat sources as this can cause the leather to discolour or dry.

Cleaning Basics

  • As leather is naturally absorbent do not use washing up liquid, detergents or bleach to remove stains as these will spoil the leather.
  • Similarly, do not use abrasive cleaning products as these could damage the leather and surrounding wood surfaces.
  • Before using specialist upholstery cleaning products, read the manufacturer’s care instructions and test on a hidden area of fabric.

Day-To-Day Care

  • Remove any dust with a clean, soft, white cloth, slightly dampened with pre-boiled water cooled to room temperature. Avoid soaking any areas. Always keep a cloth specifically for leather furniture and keep away from soaps and detergents as these may damage the leather.
  • Vacuum weekly at a low setting to remove dust and dirt, especially from under the cushions. Use a soft brush attachment to avoid damaging the leather.
  • Do not use spray polish or any detergents as these may damage the finish.
  • For small marks, carefully dab with a clean, lint-free cloth, and vacuum using the small brush attachment.
  • For more pronounced marks, please refer to a professional leather cleaner.

Emergency Cleaning/Stain Removal

  • Liquid spills can be blotted with a dry cloth or kitchen paper. Be careful not to rub the area as this could damage the finish and cause discolouration.