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The Terrace Collection

Terrace Console Table
The Terrace Console Table in Walnut. The four platforms offer a novel way of holding and displaying novelties and keepsakes.
The Terrace Console Table beautifully poised in a modern hallway.
Terrace Console Table Alkaen £1,583.33 GBP
Terrace Desk
The smart, elegant Terrace Desk (without drawers) in American Maple.
A Terrace Desk in black-stained Oak, with an optional dual-socket desktop power supply.
Terrace Desk Alkaen £2,333.33 GBP
Terrace Desk With Drawers
The Terrace Desk in Oak, with an optional desktop power module which includes 2 sockets and USB ports.
The Terrace Desk in solid Walnut. The desk offers a comfortable and practical working from home solution in addition to its beautiful sculptural qualities.
Terrace Desk With Drawers Alkaen £3,166.67 GBP
Terrace Wall Shelves
Oak Terrace Wall Shelves in all 3 sizes - short, medium and long. They can be hung individually or in clusters, as pictured.
The Terrace Wall Shelves in Walnut. Each has platforms at different heights, allowing a novel way to display decorations and keepsakes.
Terrace Wall Shelves Alkaen £208.33 GBP
Terrace Coffee Table
The Terrace Coffee Table in solid Walnut.Its hallmark contour lines are perfectly complimented by the warming, rich tones of wood.
The interplay of light and shadow along the carved terraces of the Terrace Coffee Table create a beautiful, sculptural aesthetic.
Terrace Coffee Table Alkaen £1,833.33 GBP