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Care Guide - Fabric Upholstery

Placement of Furniture

  • Avoid placing any of our furniture in direct sunlight or next to strong heat sources.

Cleaning Basics

  • Do not use strong washing up liquid, detergents or bleach to remove stains as this may cause colour fade.
  • Use only specialist upholstery cleaning products, like upholstery shampoo, but read the manufacturer’s care instructions and test on a hidden area of fabric.
  • When cleaning, do not rub with force as this may cause light patches or cause the fabric to bobble. Instead, lightly dab the affected area.
  • If the spill is oil or grease-based, we recommend using a specialist professional cleaning service.

Day to Day Care Of Supplied Fabrics

  • Dirt and dust can cause fabrics to prematurely wear and discolour. This can be avoided by cleaning with an upholstery brush, or vacuuming with a small brush attachment (e.g. curtain attachment) on a regular basis. Do not forget to vacuum beneath each seat cushion.
  • Be sure to clean all loose covers at the same time to prevent any variations in colour.
  • For maximum comfort and to keep your upholstery looking great, plump and straighten back and seat cushions frequently and rotate, where possible, to ensure even wear.

Day to Day Care Of Customer Specified Fabrics

  • Refer to the individual fabric company’s own guidance.

Emergency Cleaning/Stain Removal

  • When accidents happen act quickly. Do not rub or soak the fabric, or allow the stain to set in.
  • If the spill is a liquid dab the effected area with a clean, white absorbent cloth. Try not to spread the liquid or push it into the fabric.
  • If the spill is a solid, remove the excess with a spatula or blunt palate knife being careful not to spread it about. Once the solids are loose carefully remove and then dab the stain.

Annual Cleaning

  • We recommend that your fixed-cover fabric sofas and chairs be professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Specialist Cleaning

  • We recommend that any major cleaning be undertaken by a professional upholstery cleaning specialist.
  • The effectiveness of professional cleaning will depend on the degree of soiling, so be sure to have your upholstery cleaned before the material becomes too deeply soiled.
  • Do not wash cushion covers or use a launderette’s dry cleaning machine without seeking professional advice.


  • Spray a stain repellent finish on to high usage furniture to ensure easy cleaning and piece of mind, but be sure to check the fabric company’s own guidance before proceeding.