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Understanding Cushion Fillings

Choosing the right cushion filling is essential for comfort, durability, and the overall aesthetic of your furniture. Let's explore the different types of cushion fillings, their characteristics, and their best applications.

Fibre Fillings

  • Characteristics: Made from hypoallergenic polyester strands, fibre fillings offer a soft and comfortable feel. They provide a plush appearance and require regular fluffing to maintain their shape.
  • Best For: Cushions that are frequently used and need to be easily fluffed, such as sofa back cushions.

Feather and Down Fillings

  • Characteristics: Comprising duck feathers and down, these fillings provide a luxurious, soft, and natural feel. They offer excellent comfort but require regular maintenance to keep their shape.
  • Best For: High-end furniture and cushions in hospitality settings where a luxurious feel is desired.

Foam Cushions

  • Characteristics: Foam cushions are firm and supportive, often wrapped in a layer of Dacron for added comfort and protection. They come in various densities and firmness levels, providing tailored support.
  • Best For: Seat cushions that need to maintain their shape and provide consistent support.

Memory Foam

  • Characteristics: Memory foam adapts to the body’s shape, offering personalized support and excellent pressure relief. It returns to its original shape after use.
  • Best For: Cushions requiring extra comfort and support, such as those for people with back issues.

Polyester Fibre Batting (e.g. Dacron)

  • Characteristics: Polyester fibre batting is a polyester wadding used to cover foam cushions. It adds a layer of softness, reduces friction between the fabric and foam, and extends the cushion’s lifespan.
  • Best For: Any cushions where an extra layer of comfort and fabric protection is needed.


Selecting the right cushion filling depends on your comfort needs and maintenance preferences. From soft fibre fillings to supportive foam, each type offers unique benefits to enhance the comfort and longevity of your furniture.